Video Gaga

Lady Gaga in McQueen

An SMS came to my Satio at 5.37pm. It was from a KL friend, wondering if I had seen Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance video, in which one of her many outlandish outfits is by Alexander McQueen. “Yes,” I replied, “but I did not go gaga over it.” I was not proud of the pun—the afternoon heat was getting to me.

At the gym these past couple of days, the music video has been playing through its many TV screens. I paid scant attention to it. I have never understood the Gaga gushing and the Gaga garments, that’s why Bad Romance did not grab my attention.

So I checked it out again.

Directed by I am Legend‘s Frances Lawrence, the music video is one of those that depends so heavily on digitized visuals and campy clothes that you barely hear nor remember the song. It tells no compelling story. It offers no killer dance moves. Which leaves only the clothes to carry you to the last Euro-disco beat, if you even bother.

She may have wasted no time to grab McQueen’s S/S 2010 clothes, including the armadillo shoes, but that does not make her stylish or fashionable. You’re not really a couture creature if, more than half the time, you look comfortable in only jeweled netting or laced underwear.

The songstress executes a flashy swan dive into fashion (and comes up looking like a dunked duck) because she’s lyrically bereft of style. Lady Gaga obviously has a weakness for rods. After declaring in Love Game “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick”, she now wants, with equal gusto, “your vertigo stick”! Desire is one thing, drivel is another!

As you can see, unlike Bryanboy, I’m not “DYING… DYING… DYING IN MY OWN CESSPOOL OF JEALOUSY”!


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