I Spy Spy U

Spy U 1

Just outside Greyhound Cafe in Siam Center was this open boutique with the intriguing name of Spy U Fashion Shop. There were no customers when I was there during the lunch hour. Two salesgirls were seated at a desk reading, unperturbed by the visible lack of interested shoppers.

Spy U 2

I looked at the white racks of clothes, hung so high that even a six foot woman would have to crane her next to examine them. They were from the student-finalists of ‘Siam Center Design Forward: Spy U Fashion Contest 2009′. The clothes were not simple; most were pieces with every conceivable surface treatment. Sad (and wasteful) that all the effort did not result in anything truly desirable. Just as Hubert de Givenchy once said in response to the phrase ‘fashion today’, “it’s neither elegant nor new; it means nothing”.



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  1. I only want to tell you thanks for all the great info found on your blog, even helped me with my work recently 🙂 keep it up!

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