Prada The Book

Prada book

Hot on the heels of the Louis Vuitton book, Prada has released its own massive tome. It tells the history of the brand and chronicles its contribution not only to fashion, but to architecture, art, and film. No doubt you will find pictures of its epicenters–dreamed up by Muccia Prada and the architect Rem Koolhaas–and more recent projects such as the astounding Transformer in South Korea and the pop-up restaurant-cum-bar-cum-disco Double Club in London.  Like most fashion-brand books, this one, at 708-pages thick, is not your average look-back hardback.

The jacket comes bound in the instantly recognisable texture of Prada Saffiano leather, which makes it look as luxurious as any of the brand’s wallet or bag.  Inside, the book is more pictorial than textual. With photographs capturing 30 years of the company’s staggering output, it’s not hard to be convinced that “all these qualities”, as indicated in the book’s introductory page, “work together to compose Prada’s engagement in the world of ideas and innovation…”

They, as you shall see, are ideas and innovations that have shaped much of 21st Century fashion. While some skeptics may consider the book self-aggrandizing, I found it illuminating and a necessary reminder that Prada, more than many other luxury brands, is able to embrace tradition as well as springboard to the future.

The staff at the Gaysorn boutique is unable to say when the book will be available in Bangkok.


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