Can A Sex Kitten Be A Rock Chick?

She was voted by Thai FHM as Thailand’s sexiest woman thrice (2004 to 2006). Three years after the last vote, Um Patchrapa still looks like she’s appearing in an FHM shoot. With the posterior held aside to accentuate her curvy hips, she could be the poster girl for Chic Channel’s Midnight Fashion. Only this is nothing as salacious as I am making the photos out to be. Her naughty and far from nice pictures are part of the advertising campaign for her alleged collaboration with Chaps that’s called ‘She Will Rock You’.

Um is not the first to have worked on a collection with the Jaspal-owned brand. Ananda Everingham’s similar effort that includes his “Signature” this and that was launched a short while ago. CPS’s pop/movie star-collaboration really started last year with bad boy Peter Corp Dyrendal and his ex-girlfriend, Singaporean model/actress Ase Wang. How much the two were really involved in the design of the clothes was subject of much debate.

Um’s ‘She Will Rock You’ comprises of pieces that are not at odds with what is perceived to be rock-chick chic. The Thai interpretation, meaning short slip dresses, short slip dresses, and more short slip dresses.  It’s clearly not Da Endorphine kind of rock.


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