Stamped & Delivered

Unlike other celebs, Paul Smith is not the target of a stalker. Instead, he’s the target of a mailer. This unknown person has for the past 15 years sent Sir Smith objects rather than letters. Each is mailed without wrapping or envelope. They’re simply stamped and addressed to the designer.

At the ‘Stamped Objects’ exhibition, which opens at Siam Paragon this evening, you’ll come face to face with amusing but not terribly unusual stuff such as a toy car, a football, a miniature tricyle, a skateboard, a spade, a watering can, an ET doll… you get the idea. 

This repeated and regular mystery mail reminds me of a similar act in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the first of the ‘Millennium Trilogy’ by Swedish author Stieg Larsson. The murder victim’s uncle Henrik Vanger has been recieving, since her death, pressed flowers by an unknown sender every year during his birthday.

Sir Smith said of his beloved objects, “It seems to me to be more artistic than a lot of so called art which is revered around the world.” The act is perhaps artistic, but are the objects art? You decide.

‘Stamped Objects’ is on at the Fashion Gallery, level 1, Siam Paragon till 25 October


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