EFW A/W 09: Making Sense Of Senada

Senada LowresAfter only four shows in just two evenings, you begin to wonder where this is all going to lead you to. It can be imagined that the place will be somewhere many women like to congregate, where they can admire each other’s beauty, in dresses of silk satin that leave no room for doubting their unmistakable femininity. It’s all very tasteful, of course, and very polished in a trophy wife sort of way.

Senada no doubt caters to these women. Although the brand description states that Senada is a “label of inspiring street wear with a unique flair”,  I did not, skipping “inspiring” and “flair”, succeed in seeing the street roots of the clothes, at least not in this lady-like collection, unless you count the streets between Soi Asoke and Soi Ekamai. The silk satin dresses offered by Senada designer Chanita Preechawitayakul were not unlike those on women who can be spotted briefly on the kerb, getting out of Continental cars to hang out at J Avenue or to go buy groceries at Emporium’s Gourmet Market and then continue shopping at the department store, pushing the barely filled supermarket trolley.

Senada’s clothes speak to their customers because the accessible pieces please their eyes. To be pleasing, you don’t have to break new ground. If you tried to look at the current collection, going beyond the proper, competently executed clothes to see if there was anything else besides, you might come up with little to remember by. Themed “Reality & Dreams in my Mind”, the designs were a reflection of the former than the latter, and meet the twain certainly did not.
Senada 2

Ms Preechawitayakul showed that she loved dresses. There were at least 26 of them in different permutations, enough for instructing a fashion design class on what dresses to execute (or not to execute!). While there was a conscious attempt to vary the neckline and bodice, there was no such consideration for the hemline. Many of the dresses, from the obligatory baby-doll to the office-ready shift, ended at a particular distance, north of the knee. Clearly, her customers love the length that’s neither long nor short. You don’t need to go the distance to understand that many Thai women, in all walks of life, on many thanons, love to show their legs, but not too much. To me, that’s a tease.


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