Boots Up!

Dr Martens for Raf SimonsCollaborations between designers and specialist brands often give a modern take on heritage design. Raf Simons’s pairing with the bag maker Eastpak produced a truly winning end result for three previous seasons: minimalist Simons styling and unusual proportions meet the sturdy make that Eastpak is known for.

Soon after, Mr Simons started working with the British shoemaker Dr Martens. The first shoes did not push the classic ‘Originals’, first created in 1960, very far (perhaps not the purpose of the collaboration), but this time round, the shoes are very much in the aesthetic spirit of the Belgian designer that has captivated fashion-forward men. Out today at Club 21 are the 8-eyelet boots in “pewter koram flash”. If there’s one boot to buy this season, this Dr Martens for Raf Simons is it! Unlike the usual DM toe shape, this version is less rounded, which is perfect for slim-legged pants. And the two-tone gleaming metallic finish is just right for those who are sticking to an inky wardrobe this season, which sounds like many of you out there.

Available at Club 21 Men for 18,500 baht.


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