Filmsy Excuse For A Film Event

The best dressed couple of the night

The best dressed couple of the night

The crowd was so large, you’d think they were giving away free stuff at Central Food Hall. If cost-nothing grocery is not the attraction, then it had to be, as it usually is in this city, the celebrities. The Bangkok International Film Festival 2009 opened a short while ago at SF CentralWorld, and had promised to be a star-studded event, but it looked, to me, more Cirque than Cannes.

If this was a night for some serious star-gazing, you’d be disappointed. Past events may have yielded Oliver Stone and Michael Douglas, but this year, few noticed or recognised the portly James Belushi. If you had gone for a spot of trend-spotting, you’d be wondering if mills producing silk and polyester satin have been dumping their stocks in Bangkok.

Perhaps there was really no reason to be truly individualistic or upscale when you’re parading in the noisy foyer of a multiplex that is opposite a supermarket. But many women did try. Their efforts, however, were wasted, just like printed programs of the festival which had found their way into the trash bin.

It amazed me to constantly see those looking acceptable until they turned to reveal the back. A not-so-slender woman wore a one-shoulder ebony bubble cocktail dress with a rosette of plumage and ribbon in front that mysteriously morphed into a long, bristled insect in the rear, sitting on top of a skirt that looked like it was tucked between her legs. Another woman was in a strapless vermilion sheath with an odd fold along the back of the bust line , just next to her armpit, suggesting that it was there because the dress was re-sized in a hurry to fit the wearer. Closely behind her was a young lass in a hot-pink dress with a plunging cowl back that hung unattached to the dress with a waist that dipped so low, you could see the Khyber Pass .

It is interesting that the Bangkok International Film Festival shares the same abbreviation as Bangkok International Fashion Fair. Whether that is a plus, depends on what you think of one or the other.


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