Tune In To Zune

Zune HD

If you are annoyed by the sight of scantily-clad girls fingering their iPod Touch with ultra-long, over-painted nails, drawing as much attention to the player  as to themselves, then you are not alone. For me, it’s really the omnipresence of the gadget, used so visibly and audibly, that’s more annoying. It seems that every other person you meet, in the office or on the BTS train, is employing an iPod Touch or its grander sibling the iPhone (now the 3GS). So, it was a real delight to know that Microsoft is finally releasing its latest version of their not-yet-a-hit Zune media player, the Zune HD. Competition, in my books, is always healthy.

I have not had the chance to hold the Zune HD  in my hand. Last check at MBK over the weekend saw none in the glass showcases. From initial reviews, it seems that the Zune HD is as stylish and nifty as the iPod Touch, if not more so. Published specs reveal that the former is a tad smaller and lighter. Audio battery life is around 33 hours, 3 more than the iPod Touch.

I rather like Sony’s X series although it is by no means an iPod killer. It’s not crucial that I own something that will challenge the popularity of Apple products. Can we, in fact, ever exterminate something that has populated the world to the point of overcrowding? In my view, the best bet is to just let them proliferate. It will come a point when familiarity breeds contempt!


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